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My work with youth is all about teaching them how to yield the power of storytelling as they move throughout their lives. My method is to have young people tap into their own stories, and take inspiration from their own contemporary heroes and artists. I give teachers the tools and design curriculum to take poetry and combine it with things kids already care about. I teach them to use examples of people who look like them and places that resemble the spaces they occupy to forge a real connection with the power of using words to affect the world around them.

You can hire me for:

Writing Workshops

I offer both in-school and after-school programs. You can also chat with me about poetry residences, where I will teach workshops over the course of a few days or weeks.

Professional Development for Teachers

I facilitate customized workshops to help teachers incorporate poetry and public speaking into their standard space curriculum.

Curriculum Development

I develop creative writing, spoken word, and public speaking lessons for the classroom.

Every student was engaged and eager thanks to Mr. Green’s impressive ability to create a safe place, where students feel comfortable taking a risk and sharing what they write and how they feel.


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