I wanted to thank you for arranging for Joseph Green to teach a poetry workshop in my class. He was with us today and the experience was wonderful for all students (and staff). My students are ages 18 - 22 and all have disabilities. We have a student with autism, one with traumatic brain injury, those with learning disabilities, and those with intellectual disabilities. Every student was engaged and eager thanks to Mr. Green’s impressive ability to create a safe place, where students feel comfortable taking a risk and sharing what they write and how they feel.

As I’m sure you know, Mr. Green is a dynamic and exciting presenter who quickly adjusts his instruction to the students needs and understandings. His sense of humor lightens the mood and his passion for poetry and the work of teaching poetry creates an atmosphere where students are eager to learn. I wish he could teach in my class every week, but I am thrilled to have him when I can.
— Karen Shimkus, P.E.P Program, The Career Center, Arlington County Public Schools
Students brimmed with excitement at the opportunity to write with a real life poet. Again, Mr. Green wowed us with his natural ability to guide and tailor writing instruction to meet the needs of diverse populations of young people, yet holding high expectations that students will write a poem, and they all did! A few brave souls, fueled by the eternal encouragement of Mr. Green, shared aloud burgeoning poems at the conclusion of each workshop, leaving the audience hungry to write and share more.

In essence, Joseph Green connected with our entire school community. Students commented that he was “awesome,” “real,” and “spoke like the president.” Staff shared, “What an amazing program! It was awesome to see the students so enthralled/intrigued/inspired.” An administrator found him “really inspiring, and way to hit it out of the ball park to get him to work with our students.”
— Cynthia Chiu, Swanson Middle School
Joseph’s workshops over four months enhanced the environment we aim to sustain and grow at this non­profit community arts space. They regularly brought in new and returning adults and teenagers and his ease in working with writers of various backgrounds simultaneously was evident from the beginning. His commitment to being a teacher and mentor could be seen after each session when neither he nor participants wanted to end conversations that had begun through the creative process – truly catalyzing community through art.
— Gowri Koneswaran

This letter is in recognition of Joseph Green’s service with Metro TeenAIDS as a poetry workshop coordinator and facilitator. Over the course of 6 months, Joseph would join youth in the Freestyle Youth Center and lead workshops to help youth with projection, narration, and direction of their artistic vision. Joseph Green’s collaborative work with Metro TeenAIDS not only offered scholastic learning, but the discussions on culture, race, and life experience that evolved from the poetry has led to our youth looking at life’s opportunities with a wider scope. These are outcomes that can’t be provided by a curriculum alone, but by an amazing facilitator and great mind for connecting with audiences of differing backgrounds. We are glad to have worked with Joseph and hope to work with him again in the near future.
— Dwayne Lawson­Brown

Through his honesty, sincerity, and sheer presence, he held captive the attention of all present, both youth and staff alike. He was humble and real in speaking about his life experiences and encouraged the youth to allow the people placed in their lives to support and help them. Our program manager was so impressed that she invited him back to be a part of our agency holiday celebration, where he again touched the hearts and minds of those present. Mr. Green has shown himself to be truly passionate about sharing his life through the art of spoken word and teaching. He has been a blessing and we look forward to continued opportunities to have him work with our youth.
— Katrina Combs Group Life Coordinator, Family Advocacy Services

Inviting Joseph LMS to conduct a workshop for my kids was a transformative experience. Not only did he improve their performance with a positive approach, but he built their confidence to a whole new level. The spoken word community is in dire need of more facilitators of his caliber.
— Sean Gallagher Oneonta University Slam Team Coach

I wanted to thank you for allowing Joseph Green to come to Jamestown Elementary and perform with the second grade students. The poetry lesson that he presented to the students was both educational and engaging. It guided students to reflect on their prior knowledge, and to think about the things that they encounter while living in their global society on a daily basis. Each student was provided the opportunity to write their own individual poem and had the opportunity to present to their peers. The staff and students had a great time and look forward to having Joseph come back next year.
— Lisa Lee, Special Education Teacher, Jamestown Elementary School

Joseph has enormous talent to reach into a person’s being and open a person to change. I should note that Joseph was working here at Swanson with HILT B and HX combined, all 3 grade levels. He has an electric and genuine way of connecting with students quickly and bringing out their essence. As I watched Joseph work today I realized that he is of great value to the school system, not only as a poet, but also as a change agent. He has the ability to reach a wide audience and motivate all the students. He previously was the guest speaker at the Boys Leadership Conference. He has experience working with groups large and small.
— Colleen Dykema, HILT Teacher, Swanson Middle School

Joseph Green made his writing workshop accessible for all students. The only thing required was an open mind and a willingness to participate. Students found him highly relatable and actively engaged in writing exercises and sharing their work. It was a motivating and inspiring day for both teachers and students.
— Swanson Middle School Teacher

Here at Swanson, we cannot thank you enough for your participation in the Read In and Writing Workshop. Because of your persistence in helping young people relate with poetry in a meaningful and deeply personal manner, my 7th and 8th graders see writing as a vehicle of self expression. As a class, we will be submitting pieces you helped them mold to the National Student Poetry Contest.
— Swanson Middle School Teacher