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Youth Development

Our work with youth is all about teaching them how to yield the power of storytelling as they move throughout their lives. Our method is to have young people tap into their own stories, and take inspiration from their own contemporary heroes and artists. We give teachers the tools and design curriculum to take creative writing and combine it with things young people already care about. We teach them through material sourced from people who look like them and come from the places that resemble the spaces they occupy to forge a real connection with the power of using words to affect the world around them.

Please Inquire About Our:

  • Writing Workshops — We offer both in-school and after-school programs. You can also chat with us about poetry residences, where we will teach workshops over the course of a few days or weeks.

  • Curriculum Development — We develop creative writing, spoken word, creative mindfulness, and public speaking lessons for in and out of school time.

Professional Development

We facilitate customized workshops to help teachers, youth development personnel, and social justice groups incorporate poetry, public speaking, mindfulness, and mental health literacy into their curriculum and organizational culture.