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Adding Authentic Speakers to Our Arsenal

[Joseph’s] commitment to being a teacher and mentor could be seen after each session when neither he nor participants wanted to end conversations that had begun through the creative process – truly catalyzing community through art.
— Gowri Koneswaran


Having the skills to use story and language as a tool to express yourself is invaluable. I began to hone my own skills after years of hanging around passionate, authentic speakers. Not only do I want to inspire young people, but I want to be a part of inspiring adults who work with young people. I have over eight years of experience coaching both youth and adults through LMSvoice.

No one knows everything. But if I can add what I know to your arsenal—and you can add what you know to mine—then I’m confident our influence over positive change will reach wider than ever.



  • Private tutoring in preparation for public speaking engagements, work presentations, school presentations, or those simply trying to increase their comfort in front of crowds.
  • Skills development including authenticity, projection, eye contact, gesticulation, diction, and body control.