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Art as a Catalyst for Healing Conversations 

Professional Spoken Word

It’s challenging to have breakthrough conversations with others and with ourselves when you’re going through a difficult period. I believe that art can act as a catalyst to start having those healing conversations.

With strong roots in theater, my form of art is spoken word. This is a skill I’ve crafted for more than a decade. I went through the darkest period of my life—battling drug addiction and the death of my friend—and  came out of that experience with a story to tell. Through crafting this experience in a poem and countless performances, I am able to revisit the lessons I learned from the battles I overcame.

When I perform, I offer people a glimpse into my struggle and an opportunity to relate it to their own. I use poetry in my performances to speak candidly about my journey to recovery and about broad themes like love, loss, and social justice issues. My goal with every spoken word performance is to create a safe and open environment to reflect on the past and imagine what the future could be.


Services Available

  • Performances at middle schools, high schools, colleges, community centers, private parties, workplaces

  • Feature-length performance drawing from my canon of work
  • Tailored performance around a specific topic related to your event or organization
  • Performances coupled with Q+As, workshops, or lectures