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LMS Poetry Curriculum

The LMSvoice Poetry Curriculum Database is a searchable collection of writing and analytical workshops that focus on poems by a diverse array of socially-engaged artists. It is the goal of LMSvoice to make space for voices from all communities, especially those that have been historically excluded from mainstream curriculums.

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We Do it for the Culture™

We Do it For the Culture™: An Advisory Curriculum, is one of a kind. It incorporates hip-hop culture and current events into activities for grades 6-12 grounded in the 5 social emotional learning competencies. Hip-hop in its rawest form is storytelling. At this moment in time, the stories of our young people are diverse, complex and exist between a juxtaposition of overnight successes and generational struggles. Hip-hop brings together the narratives of people from all over the world who have been marginalized in communities where at times, they have felt unseen, unheard and unvalued. Schools serve as centralized places of learning in the community where those diverse narratives come alive. The culture created within schools determines if those diverse narratives are celebrated, ignored or deemed inferior. Leading to the question; “How do we use hip-hop as a catalyst to create opportunities for students to be their authentic selves while providing a brave place for agency and voice within a school setting? We Do it for the Culture™, an advisory curriculum meets students where they and helps them envision where they are going.

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Say It Loud

Say it Loud is a twenty lesson public speaking curriculum for middle and high school students that focuses learning on four main areas: 1) writing; 2) creating; 3) editing; and 4) presenting. Students will explore their imagination, build confidence through performance games and trust-building exercises, and learn foundational principles of public speaking through a series of youth-centered, fun, and engaging lesson plans and activities. Lessons include vocal exercises, public speaking/theatre games, and opportunities for individual and group reflection, writing, and dialogue.

Say it Loud is designed for students to engage in play, emulate effective public speaking, and incorporate aspects of their identity in developing their public speaking skills. In addition, students will learn about the art of storytelling, as well as how to write and deliver expository and persuasive speeches, as well as develop proficiency in their ability to edit and perform speeches to diverse audiences.

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The Healing Root

The Healing Root – Washington DC (THRW) is an interactive mental health literacy curriculum. Participants will be engaged through a series of academic and artistic presentations designed to increase their knowledge around the topic of mental health and decrease social stigma by facilitating brave space for personal growth and difficult conversations. Participants will also learn basic mindfulness practices as well as be connected to local and national mental health resources.

The program consists of customizable sections that run between 30 minutes to 90 minutes, and are intended for schools, afterschool programs, community centers, and youth and adult development organizations. The program curriculum is facilitated by our Community Trainers, all of whom are natives to Washington D.C. The community trainers were also an integral part of the curriculum design team. The Healing Root DC is currently a pilot program undergoing IRB approved research at The George Washington University.

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Peace Hero

Our Peace Hero curriculum will use real-world examples of people of all races, genders, ages, and nationalities who are positively changing their communities to uplift and inspire young people to do the same. Peace Heroes are people often not taught about formally in history or civics but their lives have much that we can learn from. Young people will engage in activities that help them to reflect on how to create a more just world using their own passions and voices. The mission of By Peaceful Means is to interrupt structural and physical violence through peace education, advocacy, and youth employment.

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This curriculum is designed for educators to help students better understand conflict and how and why it occurs from the interpersonal level to the international level. Sessions in this curriculum will also help students develop practical skills for resolving conflicts and engaging in difficult conversations. Each one of us has the capacity to become better at dealing with the conflicts in our lives, and to realize our role in perpetuating or transforming these conflicts. We also have much to learn from how groups and communities rebuild relationships in the aftermath of violent conflict. In sum, the goal of these workshops is to empower students to transform the conflicts they experience, and contribute to developing more peaceful communities and societies.

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