Dreams Incorporated (Or How Poets Discuss Recovery) on ryanhampton.org

Photo by  Elnatan Melaku

My Story
isn’t going to come out in one continuous line.
It will not clean itself up or try to contort itself in to a shape
that easily resembles success or moral.  I have not reached success.
I’ve reached right now. My reach still extends.  I achieve balance
by anchoring myself to the past while grasping for the future.

My name is Joseph Green. I will provide chapters
for my attempt at storytelling how this shipwreck once again found dry land.
Hindsight is not 20/20 when blurred between lines
of cocaine and the haze of whiskey.

Chapter 62- The past seven days (all the things that I am)

Today I incorporated my dream.  After walking into a financial services institution, paying a substantial sum of money, I received a piece of paper with the words “LMSvoice LLC.” The letters had a weight to them the CPA couldn’t quite grasp.  He said he’d seen people get emotional upon starting a new business but tears were rare.  My son was sitting in the other room watching Dinotraux.  My new accountant had no idea how many miracles where happening simultaneously.

Joseph Green