Far From Finished Podcast Ep. 50: Joseph

This summer, I had the privilege of partnering with American Addiction Centers to share my story of addiction and recovery in Episode 50 of the Far From Finished podcast series. In this episode, I discuss my poem "Talk Ugly" and how the tragedy of losing a friend to drug addiction and overdose led me to reflect on my own challenges with addiction.


"Moving to Upstate New York, where he was a spoken word artist, Joseph only planned to stay for the summer. Because of drug and alcohol abuse, summer turned into three years where he burned every bridge he had created within the space as well as outside. Once he became hooked, Joseph wasn’t performing or even touring. He recalls a night when he put on a one man show and just how high he had been throughout the entire show. Joseph learned that whatever it is you think you love the most, when you become addicted to a substance, you will put it before that thing, whether it’s your family, art, or something equally important in your life.

Needing to change his environment, Joseph moved back home where his father (who had been sober for over a decade) guided him towards beginning his recovery. They broke down his story. They shared it."

Joseph Green