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Connecting People Back to Their Motivation 



It’s arduous to commit your whole self and stay motivated in your work when you’re in the trenches of your personal suffering. Most people don’t have someone cheering them on in their everyday lives. Through my motivational speeches and performances, I remind people that whatever they’re working through takes the same grit and human strength to persevere, and they they’re not in it alone.

I use spoken word poems to introduce people to my story and shed light on the lessons that I learned. Through each reading and performance I’m reminded of what I’ve endured, and that makes me better at my work. My story has helped people reexamine their own story for lessons they’ve learned. At the end of the day, they can begin to review, reassess, edit, get up, and keep it moving.

I’ve used my poetry as a sounding board to facilitate conversations with people of all ages and started an interactive performance series called Dive Every Day Project. This project opens a dialogue around substance abuse and recovery, and is based on principles of self-forgiveness and unconditional love.

The best thing to hear after a speech or performance is that I—a stranger—helped someone remember why they do the work that they do to change the world.



  • Sessions that touch on topics including arts as activism, positive self-image, substance abuse recovery and prevention, other social justice issues.