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After Series

The After Series will be a monthly series where the featured poet will share an original poem, the story behind their favorite lines, and end with leading a workshop inspired by (or after) the piece they presented. PDF versions of the workshops are also available for download.

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Brick Wall Series

Welcome back to the Brick Wall Series (Poems and Interviews.) The Brick Wall Series ran between 2014 and 2016, a very special time in US history, especially as it pertains to race relations and matters of social justice. Aligned with the personal values of the creator, Joseph Green and Elnaton Melaku, the Brick Wall Series offers a diverse group of passionate performers expressing their stories with as little interference as possible. Just a brick wall, two cameras, and their truth.

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Poetry in Motion

Released quarterly and starting in March 2021, Poetry in Motion will be a series dedicated to the relationship of words, sound, image, and storytelling. Until the first series releases please enjoy these poems from poet Joseph Green and director/cinematographer Elnatnon Melaku of Memento Films.

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The idea of the visionary photographer, filmmaker, and emcee Conrado Muluc, this limited-run series will be dedicated to the radical, subversive, and sometimes illegal artwork of DMV street artists.

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